What I learned from my 18 month long Executive MBA at ESADE Business School

Published in Linkedin Pulse by Juan Luis Isava, ESADE Executive MBA 2016:

“The purpose of this small essay is to reflect on what you can expect from Executive Education from a top business school. This is not part of the debate on whether it’s worth it or not, rather than to enlighten on what to expect once you’ve made up your mind.

Spending money on education nowadays is a tough one: information has never been more available than it is now, so learning whatever you want to learn should be easier than ever. And it actually is. So why should one do it?

Before starting my Executive Education I was expecting to receive the following (yes, in this particular order):

  • New people in my circles: I hoped to find freaks like me who thought that changing the world was only a matter of heart and time and in their experience, find what I value the most: perspective.
  • Learning something new: This I love, specially if it was something finance related with a global perspective.
  • Alumni networking: Having a close circle of freshly acquired partners in crime is one thing, being part of something bigger all over the world, is another.

So, a few weeks still with the whole experience fresh in my memories…”

Read the whole essay: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/what-i-learned-from-my-18-month-long-executive-mba-esade-isava

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