2019 Best EMBAs: Cristian Lago Rodríguez, ESADE

“An outlier and activist who finds the best stories in diversity, and passionate about life.”

Cristian is a young man whose teachers told his parents when he was in school that he would never finish high school. Cristian not only finished it but also studied Psychology, did one of the best PHD of his promotion and is now about to graduate in Executive MBA at ESADE Business and Law School. We must never stop pushing ourselves for what we want.

You rock, Cristian! #inspiringfutures

Here are some of his statements:

“I knew that ESADE’s support would make it that much easier to create and legitimise high humanitarian impact projects.”

After Cristian Lago graduated from his #ExecutiveMBA, he focused on creating a company in which functional diversity was no longer viewed as a handicap.

Discover his story here: https://esade.me/2jZ68wp

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