¨My EMBA journey Module 4: In the wrong place, at the wrong time¨

With this title, our student Moutaz A. El-Nahal reports on his last two classes of the EMBA program. The subjects of these classes were Business Information Systems and Marketing Strategy.

In the first, Business Information Systems, he comments how Professor Javier Busquets focuses the course on how new technologies are disrupting industries, and how these industries are benefiting from the digital world. Taking the example of the pharmaceutical company Novartis.

In the second one, Marketing Strategy, his Professor Andrés Cuneo who, after making an introduction with basic aspects of the subject such as positioning or segmentation, presents a case of the condom company Durex and invites them to propose new ideas for the brand.

To know the complete experience of this student visit this link: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/my-emba-journey-module-4-wrong-place-time-moutaz-a-el-nahal/

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