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The 2016 EMBA programme starts in Madrid

The inaugural session of the new edition of the weekly format of the Executive MBA (EMBA) programme began on the 29th of January. On their first day at ESADE, the EMBA freshers who had entrusted the School with their training over the next 16 months, were very enthusiastic about starting this new stage in their personal and professional development.

The venue for the inauguration was the ESADE building in Madrid. The participants met Michele Quintano, the Programme Director, and some of the faculty who will teach them. The participants also got the chance to share their backgrounds and aims with their fellow students.

After this promising beginning, we wish tomorrow’s senior managers a highly enriching and successful EMBA programme. We wish you luck!

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Welcome Barcelona EMBA participants!

Starting ESADE’s Executive MBA (EMBA) programme is always a great experience, as the freshmen beginning the latest edition EMBA fortnightly format in Barcelona will testify. The programme started on the 21st of January.

The Avinguda d’Esplugues building on our Pedralbes campus was the venue for the programme inauguration. The event gave the participants the chance to meet one another and discover the first steps in the ESADE experience. Jonathan Wareham, Dean of Faculty & Research, spoke of the School’s global presence and Esteve Mogas, the Programme Director, commented on key features of the EMBA, ranging from academic organisation and courses to international stays in France, India, China, and Georgetown (The United States). He also recalled that taking a programme like the EMBA one involved considerable effort that “enables one to grow in both personal and professional terms”.

Mogas also stressed the importance of teamwork in ESADE programmes both from the standpoint of collaboration and of healthy competition. Here, he noted that “ESADE does not cut you out but rather challenges you to improve”.

The final part of the event involved presenting the programme participants. Most of the freshers were drawn from the fields of Operations, Marketing, Sales, and General Management. The company profiles were very varied, ranging from family businesses, multinationals, major banks, and public bodies. This diversity of fields and sectors greatly enriches the EMBA programme and participants’ experience of it.

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ESADE Madrid Executive MBA programme. A session with Javier Solana, President of ESADE Geo

The participants of the ESADE Madrid Executive MBA (EMBA) programme attended an enthralling session on global geo-politics and economics given by Javier Solana, President of ESADE Geo. The event took place on Thursday 6th of March.

The main subject of discussion was the crisis in The Ukraine — something that was then a burning subject of debate. The talk covered the background to the crisis, its consequences for the world and expectations of how it would develop.

¨Both the content and delivery were superb and had the audience spellbound. Solana shared interesting historical moments with the audience and clarified the issues¨.

A wonderful talk, it was a privilege to hear Solana speak.

EMBA participants

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We welcome the new participants of the Madrid EMBA programme!

The ESADE campus in Madrid received the 2014-15 intake of the first participants in the 2014-2015 Executive MBA (EMBA) programme. On Thursday the 30th of January, a welcoming session was held at which participants got the chance to get acquainted with their future classmates and to receive general information on the programme.

The participants started their first class on Friday the 31st with the course on General Management, given by Prof. Joaquín Cava. The course is part of the first part of the EMBA studies and falls within the ¨Company Setting and Function¨ section of the programme. This section (Company Setting and Function) ends in April. The new edition in the weekly format thus opens with a select group of professionals with excellent prospects and high expectations, swelling the ESADE community.

All those beginning this new stage are to be congratulated on taking a programme that will improve their lives and give their careers a big boost. 

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EMBA Inauguration, January 2014

The Executive MBA was launched on the 9th of January 2014 (fortnightly format) with almost 40 executives from various functional areas and industries. The ESADE Dean, Alfons Sauquet, gave a brief welcoming speech. The programme started with the General Management course, which featured Jerome Boesch, CEO of Danone, as the guest speaker.

The following intakes will be in September (weekly format) and October 2014 (fortnightly format) and October 2014 (the new modular format in English).

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Welcome to the EMBA blog

We begin the ESADE Executive MBA web log with the chronicles of the writer’s trip to China. In general, we will publish news, events and comments in this blog site that you are likely to find interesting.

18th March 2013. Journey to Asia by ESADE EMBA students

EMBA students recently took part in the second international stay in a series of three trips dotted throughout the programme. Participants of the Madrid and Barcelona editions travelled together to their destination (there were two choices — India or China).

The ¨Doing Business in China¨ module was held at Fudan University School of Management in Shanghai, where students had the chance of attending classes given by local faculty. The themes included: ¨The Chinese Culture of Political-Economy¨; “Doing Business in China”; “A View of China from a Foreign National Perspective¨; ¨Marketing in China. An Overview¨; ¨China Talent Management¨; ¨Chinese Firms´ Internationalisation¨. They were also able to visit European firms established in China, such as FICOSA and Roca, as well as the impressive Suzhou Industrial Park and the Baosteel Group Corporation. Dinners were also held to give the students the chance to exchange impressions with ESADE alumni who were already living in Shanghai.

The ¨Discover India¨ module was held at the Indian School of Business (ISB) in Hyderabad. The students attended sessions on subjects such as ¨The Indian Economy and Industrial Sector¨, ¨Trends Innovation in Emerging Markets¨, Micro-Finance — Financial Services to the Bottom of the Pyramid¨, and Entrepreneurship as a Driver of Growth¨. Some of the companies visited were Schneider Electric India Pvt. Ltd. In Hyderabad and Hindustan Unilever Limited, and More Mischief Boutique in Bombay.

Likewise, the students who visited China were able to exchange views and network with ESADE alumni living in the area, with a dinner being held to mark the occasion.


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