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¨My EMBA journey Module 4: In the wrong place, at the wrong time¨

With this title, our student Moutaz A. El-Nahal reports on his last two classes of the EMBA program. The subjects of these classes were Business Information Systems and Marketing Strategy.

In the first, Business Information Systems, he comments how Professor Javier Busquets focuses the course on how new technologies are disrupting industries, and how these industries are benefiting from the digital world. Taking the example of the pharmaceutical company Novartis.

In the second one, Marketing Strategy, his Professor Andrés Cuneo who, after making an introduction with basic aspects of the subject such as positioning or segmentation, presents a case of the condom company Durex and invites them to propose new ideas for the brand.

To know the complete experience of this student visit this link:

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2019 Best EMBAs: Cristian Lago Rodríguez, ESADE

“An outlier and activist who finds the best stories in diversity, and passionate about life.”

Cristian is a young man whose teachers told his parents when he was in school that he would never finish high school. Cristian not only finished it but also studied Psychology, did one of the best PHD of his promotion and is now about to graduate in Executive MBA at ESADE Business and Law School. We must never stop pushing ourselves for what we want.

You rock, Cristian! #inspiringfutures

Here are some of his statements:

“I knew that ESADE’s support would make it that much easier to create and legitimise high humanitarian impact projects.”

After Cristian Lago graduated from his #ExecutiveMBA, he focused on creating a company in which functional diversity was no longer viewed as a handicap.

Discover his story here:

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Crowd fund your way to the EMBA

Our future EMBA Monthly – Class of 2019-21 participant Adam Berg is launching the first crowd funding campaign to partially support their Executive MBA at ESADE.

The crazy idea of using a crowd funding campaign as a financial aid tool came up in an Admissions team internal meeting. The logic behind was that FFF (Friends, Family and Fools) could invest in your talent and through the EMBA help you develop both personally and professionally. To promote it, ESADE committed to add the first 1.000€ to support the candidate.

However, except from Judith Puigbò (the cunning mind), nobody really believed in the idea… Until Adam read it in an old brochure, believed in the project and improved it with a social touch! From all the money collected, 1/3 will be for ESADEs Giving Program, 1/3 will be for cancer research (St. Jude’s Cancer Research Hospital) and 1/3 for Adam’s tuition.

In his own words:

“I want to give another student at ESADE the opportunity to achieve their goals by furthering their education and also support my good friend Mike Anderson, a St. Jude´s hero , while he runs 5k´s to half-marathon races to raise money for children´s cancer research. I plan to give 33.3% of the funds raised to the ESADE scholarship fund, 33.3% to Mike for his races supporting St. Jude´s and use 33.3% of it towards my own tuition.”

So, any quantity that can be divided by 3 is more than welcome!

This is the proof that when you think big, big things happen!

For donations and more info click here:  #inspiringfutures THANK YOU, ADAM! With your ideas, social awareness and proactivity, you will be an excellent EMBA participant.

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Love is in the EMBA!

After graduating, the majority of our students say that ESADE’s EMBA changed their lives. Some of them got their dream job, others became the best version of themselves, others started their own business… and a few of them found the love of their lives.

This is the case of Kirill from Siberia and Anna from Germany, participants of the EMBA Monthly ‘16, who got married last May 30th (just one year after they  got engaged), in beautiful Costa Brava (Spain)!

They first met in Barcelona in the inauguration of the EMBA Monthly – Class of 2017-19. Their romance sparkled in the first International Study Tour in Brazil and they got engaged 7 months later in the second Study Tour in India.

Since ESADE was the link of union between the two, we couldn’t miss this special occasion.

Judith Puigbò, Associate Admissions Director, attended the wedding on behalf of ESADE (see pic) to witness and celebrate another important milestone in their lives. Their classmates, who accompanied their relationship along the 18 months, came from all over the world to join them in their day. This is another evidence that love knows no frontiers or cultures.

What ESADE has joined together let no man put asunder. And as we say in Spanish: ¡Viva los novios!

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Executive MBA participants launch ‘good causes’ initiative

ESADE Executive MBA participants have launched a fundraising initiative they hope will become a programme tradition.

The outgoing EMBA 2017 cohort, with invaluable support from EMBA 2018, started the project, which involves raising funds each year for the following cohort to distribute. The criteria for the initiative are:

  • Money raised must be used for good causes, charities or other community projects that the cohort chooses.
  • The tradition should be continued by EMBA 2018 raising funds for EMBA 2019 to distribute, who should then in turn be encouraged to ‘pass the torch’ to the 2020 cohort, and so on.
  • Participants must have fun during the process, as EMBA studies are stressful enough!
  • Those involved should provide occasional updates on what they have been doing.

The tradition will build a more close-knit ESADE EMBA community, working together for sustainable progress.

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Zain Group and ESADE for Women Empowerment!

We are delighted to announce that Zain Group, a pioneering company in mobile telecommunications across Middle East and North Africa, has chosen ESADE Business School as its learning partner to encourage and reward talented women within its organisation.

The initiative ‘Woman Empowerment Ambassador Program’ clustered 80 high-potential women leaders from branches in nine countries (Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, South Sudan, and Sudan). The participants underwent intensive workshops aimed at improving their leadership and story-telling skills to become better connected with their teams and achieve targets at Zain with excellence.

The programme concluded with a two-day workshop in Amman, Jordan, where the two future EMBA participants were announced: Nevin from Zain Bahrain and Dania from Touch Lebanon. Congratulations! We are looking forward to meeting you in October and willing to learn from your diverse backgrounds!

In ESADE we are especially touched by this initiative because our goal is to have an EMBA cohort with 50% women. Last year’s intake (2017/2018) reached a new high of 40% women, and this year’s class profile looks even better! Also, we are very proud that our Full Time MBA is considered the ‘Best MBA for Women’ in Europe by the Financial Times. You can read more here.

Zain Group’s initiative give us hope and makes us believe that our goal of closing the gender gap is getting closer!

Nevin and Dania Zain winners ESADE

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EMBA celebration… in Ibiza!

The fifth graduating class of the Monthly EMBA (2016-2018) graduated on 20th April 2018, and what better way to celebrate than with a three-day trip to Ibiza?

Yet another class has graduated and will have to fill the void left by the EMBA after spending three days a month together for the last 18 months, travelling together across the globe, working in virtual groups, sharing personal milestones, and above all… lots of great moments! But rather than focusing on their wounds, they decided to recreate one last (extracurricular ;-)) “international week”.

Such a cohesive group, united by such a special experience, could only go out with a bang. The paparazzi trailing the group sent us this photo:

Photograph of participants Executive MBA ESADE in Ibiza

Notice the details… Still can’t see it? Zoom in.

Photograph participants Executive MBA ESADE Ibiza

ESADE Rocks Graduation!!! They certainly rock!

As Aurora said: “I am confident that our group will remain united. This has been a great farewell and also a great new beginning – a sign of things to come.”

Good luck, champs!

EMBA Admissions Department

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Sandra is closing the gender – tech gap!

We are very proud to announce that the start-up Wisar founded by Sandra Arévalo (EMBA Bi-weekly 14/15) was the winner of the 2nd edition of the Global Hack D Gap challenge. This is an initiative from 4YFN and GSMA Women4Tech that rewards digital solutions that aim to promote and create gender diverse teams, in an inclusive work environment within the mobile and tech industry.


Double challenge

Sandra started the EMBA journey while she was pregnant with her first child. At that time, she enjoyed a very stable professional life and the word “entrepreneurship” had never crossed her mind.

Doing an EMBA while working is a challenge, but imagine doing it while being a new mum! During the 18 months she found innovative solutions to balance her new role as a first-time mum with EMBA (like creating a schedule to feed her little baby in-between classes, with the invaluable help of her husband). The way she overcame the double challenge inspired her to take up on a new one!


Do it yourself

After the EMBA, she discovered that the inflexibility of the corporate world was no longer compatible with her personal life. She decided to make the most of her new situation and find an innovative solution on her own. It was then when she set up the company Wisar that offers a quality service to professionals that want autonomy and flexibility to manage their own time. EMBA gave her the tools to foster her professional and personal transformation… and her vision, passion and determination did the rest.

On February 28th Sandra was able to demonstrate that she is not only an entrepreneur and mother that successfully combines her professional and personal life, but most importantly, she helps others to do so.

Great work Sandra!

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Raquel Abuli (EMBA 2011) — one of the founders of BABY´N´JOY — took part in the EMBA Open Day

Raquel Abuli Vidal studied Engineering and graduated in Industrial Design. In 2010, he began the ESADE EMBA programme, graduating in 2011. In 2012, he decided to leave his job to found Baby´n´Joy, together with two classmates from the EMBA programme — Mireia Cabanes and Tony Parada. The project began life in the EMBA Business Development Project, in which students must work in a group on a project in either their company or as an entrepreneurial venture. During this same week, El Periódico de Catalunya (Catalan newspaper) published an interview with Raquel in which he explained his venture (see attached article). On the Open Day held on the 27th of April, Raquel shared his experience with 45 EMBA programme candidates, who took advantage of the occasion to ask questions before whether to enrol.

Read about Abuli’s company Baby’n’Joy here:

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