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Welcome Barcelona EMBA participants!

Starting ESADE’s Executive MBA (EMBA) programme is always a great experience, as the freshmen beginning the latest edition EMBA fortnightly format in Barcelona will testify. The programme started on the 21st of January.

The Avinguda d’Esplugues building on our Pedralbes campus was the venue for the programme inauguration. The event gave the participants the chance to meet one another and discover the first steps in the ESADE experience. Jonathan Wareham, Dean of Faculty & Research, spoke of the School’s global presence and Esteve Mogas, the Programme Director, commented on key features of the EMBA, ranging from academic organisation and courses to international stays in France, India, China, and Georgetown (The United States). He also recalled that taking a programme like the EMBA one involved considerable effort that “enables one to grow in both personal and professional terms”.

Mogas also stressed the importance of teamwork in ESADE programmes both from the standpoint of collaboration and of healthy competition. Here, he noted that “ESADE does not cut you out but rather challenges you to improve”.

The final part of the event involved presenting the programme participants. Most of the freshers were drawn from the fields of Operations, Marketing, Sales, and General Management. The company profiles were very varied, ranging from family businesses, multinationals, major banks, and public bodies. This diversity of fields and sectors greatly enriches the EMBA programme and participants’ experience of it.

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Manager Development and Leadership

The First Stage of the Manager Development and Leadership course ended. During the course, we mainly learnt about ourselves.

The programme is based on acquiring self-knowledge first and then building self-leadership to improve our development as managers and in managing others.

The course has covered: deep reflection on and knowledge of who we are and wish to be (part of one’s ‘being’); identification of resources and skills to become who we want to be (achieved through self-evaluations and external evaluations) (part of ‘HAVING’); tracing a path for change and an agenda for personal change that achieves our life aims (part of ‘DOING’). We are accompanied throughout the process by a personal coach.

Revealing, thrilling, emotion-packed, mould-breaking, this course is all these things and more. It leaves its mark on everyone who takes it and shows the importance of stopping for breath at various points in our lives to reappraise the situations we face in our daily lives. These halts may be needed for various reasons: to refocus our attention; to achieve our life aims; to manage and help other people, teams, etc. towards their goals; to lead change.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done” (Nelson Mandela)

Jordi J. Lorente – EMBA’15 (Fortnightly format).

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We starting the Third Stage!

The international stay in Asia and the last courses in the Second Stage marked the end of the first half of the fortnightly format of the EMBA programme. We had enjoyed the intense, varied classes, which were emotion-packed and full of valuable lessons.

We leave behind the well-deserved (and now almost forgotten) holidays that have left us raring to go for the programme’s Third Stage.

The new stage we are now embarking covers subjects that are both thrilling and complementary. They range from the development of new businesses, self-knowledge, an international stay at HEC Paris and a whole lot more.

On this leg of the journey, we will press ahead with our quest for personal and professional development and will also have the chance to share thoughts with our own personal coach as we grapple with anything that might hinder us from achieving our goals. In addition, there is professional guidance to show us how best to attain our aims.

Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory” (Mahatma Gandhi)

Jordi J. Lorente – EMBA 2015-16 Candidate

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The first Speed Networking Event among EMBA graduates

A gathering was held on Friday the 13th of February. It brought together graduates of the 2015 weekly, fortnightly, and modular formats of the EMBA programme.

Apart from the usual networking stuff — swapping names, companies, posts, e-mails and so on — there were also some fun moments in which we had to let our imagination soar to play out key moments in our careers. We used PlayMobil® figures to convey the epic proportions of our achievements.

Using this original idea and mixing the figures and drama skills in equal measure, we pooled experience, discovered new cultural and professional dimensions and perspectives.

“It was something different and was great fun¨.

“It was ideal for forging contacts and pooling knowledge”.

“I hope there are more events like this”.

These are just a couple of the impressions of those who took part in the gathering.

Jordi J. Lorente, EMBA 2015


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EMBA Inauguration, January 2014

The Executive MBA was launched on the 9th of January 2014 (fortnightly format) with almost 40 executives from various functional areas and industries. The ESADE Dean, Alfons Sauquet, gave a brief welcoming speech. The programme started with the General Management course, which featured Jerome Boesch, CEO of Danone, as the guest speaker.

The following intakes will be in September (weekly format) and October 2014 (fortnightly format) and October 2014 (the new modular format in English).

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Gatherings with entrepreneurs — a unique opportunity to pool experience

The EMBA Class of 2013-14 (fortnightly programme in Barcelona) began an initiative to bring together programme participants and entrepreneurs with a view to pooling experience and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit.

Those behind the project were Javier Peso, Founder and CEO of PAY TOUCH, Adolfo Santa Olalla, CEO of GLOBAL AQUATIC TECHNOLOGIES, Joel Vergés, Founder of SMARTBOX Mexico, and Axel Yidiz, Founder of the ALTALEX Law Firm.

At the November gathering, the speakers included Lluís Serra, founder of, who explained the transformation of a traditional ironmonger´s into a successful e-commerce project.

¨Having time to think”

The founder of stressed the importance of spending time on reflection, strategy and the search for new ideas: “I make myself to go to the office each day between six and eight in the morning when there is nobody there and I have nothing else to do except think¨.

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