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The challenge of investing in India

“On our EMBA study tour, we visited the Indian school of business. I must say that I was very pleased with the quality of the classes. They were all tailored to give us a general view of India’s current situation regarding foreign investment. After four days of intensive learning, I found myself wondering if I would I invest and how I should do it?

India is a pool of untapped opportunities, however doing business in India is not easy. When selling to the emerging middle class, prices should be affordable – hence low – while still managing high margins. It makes it tough to obtain an acceptable return on investment. I found interesting how the teacher mentioned that for a product to succeed in the Indian market it would have to succeed first at the bottom of the pyramid. Then it should be adapted to higher segments therefore making innovation a key reason for success in India.”


Read Naïma M. Zodros’ (EMBA ‘16) whole experience in this article

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Accept the challenge to change and #beachanger

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”

Winston Churchill

The key to change lies within. Now is your chance to change your setting and take your career to the next level. Stop just being part of the future, be the one who builds it! If you think it is time to break the mould and leave your ‘comfort zone’, take up the challenge of ESADE’s Executive MBA programme. Stop treading water, with ESADE you will make the decisions, lead change and be the one who really makes a difference.

Become a #changer and see just how far you can go. That is because making changes can achieve great results, no matter how small these steps may seem at the time.  

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