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International Week in Beijing [Peking]

After an intense, emotionally-charged week of learning, the participants of the 2015 Madrid weekly EMBA programme and the Barcelona fortnightly programme have finally come to the end of their unforgettable trip to the Guanghua School of Management (Beijing).

The experience in cultural immersion helped us learn about 21st-Century China from various standpoints — economic, political, how business is done, socialisation (‘guanchi’) and so on. We also looked at China from a more local perspective, studying growth factors and how China is adapting to rapid changes and above all, discovering how it can grow sustainably in a concerted, global fashion.

Visits to Audi, China Minsheng Banking Corp., and Baidu (known as ‘The Chinese Google’) gave us a more specific view of the country’s business fabric since it gave insights into very different spheres (car-making, commercial banking, and ICT services). These companies shared with us their achievements, projects and some of their plans and strategies for achieving future growth.

Last but not least, to round off the various lectures we were given during the week, we heard the testimony of successful entrepreneurs who told us about their start-ups. They also shared knowledge on the hurdles they had encountered on the way and what they had learnt in the process. The entrepreneurs also gave us advice on the entrepreneurial approaches that worked best in China.

The only source of knowledge is Experience” (Albert Einstein)

Jordi J. Lorente – EMBA 2015 Candidate

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Now for the second stage!

The sheer intensity of the programme might lead one to think that only a few weeks have elapsed since it began but in fact it has been under way for four months. It has been packed with unlearning and Eureka moments and has brimmed with adventures in learning and strong emotions. Yet its most motivating aspect is that there is an even greater wealth of knowledge and wisdom still in store.

In addition to the lectures (which are as testing as ever), we are preparing for the first intensive international week, which will be held in June.

The first international stay will be in Asia, with some groups going to China (Beijing – Guanghua School of Management) and others to India (Hyderabad – Indian School of Business, and Bombay). The flights have already been booked and the visas arranged.

We have now reached the second stage of the programme, with new courses, teachers, groups, activities and case studies. We seem to be in perpetual motion, enriching our knowledge by leaps and bounds as the programme continues to gather pace.

Progress is not possible without change, and those who cannot change their minds, cannot change anything” (George Bernard Shaw)

Jordi J. Lorente Vázquez, EMBA Candidate 2015

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Welcome to the EMBA blog

We begin the ESADE Executive MBA web log with the chronicles of the writer’s trip to China. In general, we will publish news, events and comments in this blog site that you are likely to find interesting.

18th March 2013. Journey to Asia by ESADE EMBA students

EMBA students recently took part in the second international stay in a series of three trips dotted throughout the programme. Participants of the Madrid and Barcelona editions travelled together to their destination (there were two choices — India or China).

The ¨Doing Business in China¨ module was held at Fudan University School of Management in Shanghai, where students had the chance of attending classes given by local faculty. The themes included: ¨The Chinese Culture of Political-Economy¨; “Doing Business in China”; “A View of China from a Foreign National Perspective¨; ¨Marketing in China. An Overview¨; ¨China Talent Management¨; ¨Chinese Firms´ Internationalisation¨. They were also able to visit European firms established in China, such as FICOSA and Roca, as well as the impressive Suzhou Industrial Park and the Baosteel Group Corporation. Dinners were also held to give the students the chance to exchange impressions with ESADE alumni who were already living in Shanghai.

The ¨Discover India¨ module was held at the Indian School of Business (ISB) in Hyderabad. The students attended sessions on subjects such as ¨The Indian Economy and Industrial Sector¨, ¨Trends Innovation in Emerging Markets¨, Micro-Finance — Financial Services to the Bottom of the Pyramid¨, and Entrepreneurship as a Driver of Growth¨. Some of the companies visited were Schneider Electric India Pvt. Ltd. In Hyderabad and Hindustan Unilever Limited, and More Mischief Boutique in Bombay.

Likewise, the students who visited China were able to exchange views and network with ESADE alumni living in the area, with a dinner being held to mark the occasion.


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