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Closing ceremony of the Madrid EMBA programme

Michele Quintano, the Director of the Madrid EMBA programme, spoke the following words at the programme’s closing ceremony on the 26th of July.

¨We live and move in different settings during our lives — a comfort zone, a learning zone, one where we venture into the unknown and are plagued with doubts. We tend to think of the last of these as something negative, in which the fear of failure is ever present. Yet we can also see it in a positive, constructive light. It is a zone in which we can at last be creative and in which we venture beyond known settings. That is why I call this ‘the magic zone’ for it is one that is full of opportunities. I hope each of you can venture into it with greater self-confidence and less fearfully. It is a vital step that you need to take in today´s fast-changing world in which we not only need to understand and accept change but also how to lead it. I trust that the many months spent at ESADE will allow you face change processes with greater courage and wisdom and to identify new opportunities and remain optimistic despite the present social, political and economic crisis.

Sixteen months have gone by since we began the programme. You have taken courses, had many teachers and have worked in dynamic teams, swotted for exams, and gone on international exchanges in The United Kingdom, China, India, Texas and goodness knows where else. At the end of the programme, you defended an In-Company Project. All of these experiences and events will forever be burned in your memory. I am sure one of the legacies of the programme will be an esprit de corps that was first kindled in ESADE and will last a lifetime.

I congratulate you all from the bottom of my heart but this time face-to-face and not from a distant office. Boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, sons and daughters have all helped along the way. Dealing with you has been an honour and a pleasure. May I hasten to assure you that your relationship with ESADE will not end here and now but will continue long into the future?

Once again, congratulations and au revoir.

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