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Toilet paper in a Marketing Strategy class?

Our monthly Executive MBA participants recently dealt with a case that was somewhat out of the ordinary: that of Renova’s black toilet paper. The activity was the topic of their Marketing Strategy class, involving a case study which would put all their newly-acquired knowledge to the test. At the end of the class, Prof. Andrés Cuneo resolved the case with the group, explaining the final outcome.

ESADE’s EMBA is a 4-phase programme, which focuses on Management Development from all vantage points. The Marketing Strategy module in particular, is carried out in Phase 1 -entitled “Company, Environment & Function”- touches on innovative aspects of management, which are learned, discussed and debated in-depth, offering a current vision of the company and its reality.

During the session in question, the participants reflected on the Renova case and offered their own perspective on the managerial decision-making process behind choices of this kind, and how they affect the success, or otherwise, of business models. To everyone’s surprise, including Professor Cuneo himself, one of the students came bearing gifts: everyone in the class got to take home a roll of black toilet paper!

ESADE EMBA Marketing Strategy

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Pau Virgili demolishes some myths about the digital world

Who said that being active in social networks is the only option? Who said that only young professionals can manage social media accounts?

These are some of the issues dealt with in the ‘Customer Relationship Strategy in the Digital Age’ master class organised as part of the ESADE Continuity Programme on 25/26 September in Barcelona and Madrid, respectively. The masterclass focussed on the transformation of customer behaviour and how marketing should adapt and bypass online communication. It was led by Pau Virgili, an expert on new technologies, management, and marketing who has managed international companies and now works closely with the ESADE Marketing Management Department.

Pau Virgili showed his disagreement with four myths that accompany the technological revolution. To the surprise of many listeners, he questioned: firstly, the need to be in the digital environment; secondly, the belief that being surrounded by young people guarantees success; thirdly, the assertion that everything has changed; and fourthly, the assumption that the old rules no longer apply. By undermining these beliefs, Virgili made the audience pause and reflect (the main objective of this type of session and, in general, the ESADE methodology and philosophy). There is no change, or changers, without reflection, without demystifying, and without questioning whether the newly generalised paradigms are the only valid models.

Pau Virgili emphasised the leading role of the customer over the brand, and how consumption is becoming more rational, encouraged by the observations and criticisms of friends and family, and in which emotional values trump the brand’s own foundational values. Virgili considers that it is essential to study and understand the ‘customer journey’ that occurs both online and offline and whose broad effects permeate the entire organisation. To capture consumers, brands must relate directly and transparently with customers.

Pau Virgili, who was general manager of European marketing at Hewlett-Packard fast moving consumer goods and European marketing director for Plantronics, is an example of the quality of ESADE’s academic team. The contributions of this team and the numerous lecturers who participate in this type of unique session – full of practical cases and based on sharing knowledge while encouraging innovation and critical spirit – reflect the bases on which ESADE is built. An attentive master class audience eagerly followed the discussions in each session.

These master classes are part of the Open Day offered by the ESADE Executive MBA. These events are an ideal opportunity to learn about the university and its programmes before taking the leap and becoming an active agent for change trained at ESADE. Lecturers, alumni, and the programme director are available during Open Days to resolve any doubts and concerns before applying to ESADE. Open Days are also the first opportunity for many students to see how ESADE works, with the plurality of its lecturers and comprehensive innovation. Students can also see for themselves the quality of the academic contents, one of the aspects most valued by students and a subject of intense focus for the entire ESADE team.

Learn more here about the next EMBA informative sessions. We look forward to seeing you there.

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EdTech: This Marketing Expert Used Her ESADE EMBA To Change Managerial E-Learning

Published in Business Because on Wednesday 6th July 2016 by Christian Robinson.

Former BBDO PR Manager Irene Rocha attained a holistic outlook at ESADE, which she then used to grow an e-learning start-up.

Having worked for 10 years in Madrid, Irene Rocha knew that an Executive MBA (EMBA) was the next step she had to take in her professional career. Though she wasn’t unaccomplished by any measure.

Irene was, by the time she started her EMBA at ESADE Business School in Madrid, already an experienced PR manager at BBDO, the advertising agency that supposedly inspired AMC’s Mad Men. During her studies, she consistently applied her comprehensive learning to her role at Gamelearn, the world’s leading game-based e-learning platform.

Now, Irene is going it alone, implementing her highly-developed business skills and assiduous work ethic to her own PR, Marketing and Communications company. And she has big plans for the future.

Why did you decide to pursue an EMBA at ESADE?

I wanted to do two things, the first being to pursue future managerial roles in sales and marketing within the consumer goods industry.

Step two of my career path was to leverage the knowledge and experience I would gain from my EMBA to start my own communication and marketing consultancy with a global management perspective.

I chose ESADE because they provided a learning model predicated on collaboration and participation, as well as a very well-sorted and cohesive international program, which is crucial in a globalized world.

Which tracks or specializations did you choose and why?

For the first 12 months of the EMBA we study the core content, but in the final four months we’re able to choose from a range of tracks.

I focused on Marketing and Communication, since this was already my area of interest and expertise, and believed I could benefit from the more specialized network.


Read the whole essay:

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Family Day

Those of us taking the 2015 fortnightly EMBA programme attended Family Day this weekend. During the event, a member of each student’s family could attend a lecture similar to those given during the programme. This let family members experience ESADE teaching methods (case studies, ‘learning by doing’ and so on) for themselves.

During Family Day, we EMBA students were in our usual classroom, following the programme while family members were sampling new knowledge and learning (which on this occasion was Marketing-based and involved classwork and discussion of real cases).

We swapped impressions of this initiative and got the chance to meet other participants’ family during the break and the cocktails served after the classes. Here, one should note that family support is vital for students taking this intensive programme. We are immensely grateful to families for their support and everlasting patience.

Jordi J. Lorente – EMBA 2015-16 Candidate

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¨What, only two months?”

Yes indeed, the quickening pace of the programme over the last few weeks makes it seem like ages since we began it. Yet a look at the calendar reveals the shocking truth, it all began just two months ago! It is hard to believe.

We feel we are building something that will underpin our knowledge. At the same time, we are enjoying the truths that emerge as if by magic from each Master Class. These truths span everything from leadership and geo-politics to entrepreneurship, complex supply chains, and common-sense marketing. This was all inter-linked to form an intrinsic part of our business judgment.

At the same time, we were also engaged in ‘de-construction’, learning to ‘unlearn’ and reverse engineer pre-established concepts to create a 360-degree approach to reasoning that was linked to one’s emotions. Our quest revealed the nature of the unknown.

Investment in knowledge pays the best interest” (Abraham Lincoln)

Jordi J. Lorente, EMBA 2015

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