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The first Speed Networking Event among EMBA graduates

A gathering was held on Friday the 13th of February. It brought together graduates of the 2015 weekly, fortnightly, and modular formats of the EMBA programme.

Apart from the usual networking stuff — swapping names, companies, posts, e-mails and so on — there were also some fun moments in which we had to let our imagination soar to play out key moments in our careers. We used PlayMobil® figures to convey the epic proportions of our achievements.

Using this original idea and mixing the figures and drama skills in equal measure, we pooled experience, discovered new cultural and professional dimensions and perspectives.

“It was something different and was great fun¨.

“It was ideal for forging contacts and pooling knowledge”.

“I hope there are more events like this”.

These are just a couple of the impressions of those who took part in the gathering.

Jordi J. Lorente, EMBA 2015


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Most people would not rate attending a gathering at ESADE´s Sant Cugat campus as the best way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Yet they would have been wrong in the case of this Saturday gathering of EMBA students from ESADE Madrid and Barcelona. I for one was glad I went.

I was lucky enough to see ¨Building and Bringing Down Human Towers¨ (‘human towers’ are built by people balancing on the shoulders of others to reach a height of two dozen feet or more).

It just went to show that where there is a will, there is a way. When one tells people why a project is important, every one rallies round. ¨There is a lot we can learn from those who build human towers.

After a much-needed coffee break, we plunged into the session titled ‘Atmosphere Management’.

I guessed that it must be about managers creating a work atmosphere in which people are willing to give their all.

In fact it was this and a great deal more.

It proved to be one of the most enriching classroom debates I have heard. The participants made me ask myself many questions and greatly enriched my knowledge. It made me realise something that we should all be aware of, namely: ¨Knowledge stems from the class, it does not lie with the teacher¨.

You should know that the future of entrepreneurship lies in your hands. Tell stories through transmedia and with drivers who spur engagement.

I am deeply grateful for such an awesome Saturday afternoon.

Norbert Monfort

Academic Associate, Human Resources Department

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