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Organisational and professional development. The Madrid EMBA experience-based learning programme

The Madrid EMBA 1 group held the Outdoor Training part of the programme from the 12th to the 15th of March at Aldea Santillana. The training focuses on developing leadership skills. Faculty members Jaap Boonstra, Francisco Loscos and their team of helpers ensured full group immersion in the activities.

¨The Outdoor Training changed my view of the world”.

¨I have learnt a great deal in the professional field but this made a difference to me as a person. It was one of those experiences that changes you forever¨.

¨From Friday onwards, classes will be very different because none of us are the same people we were before the Outdoor Training. We are now truly a team after this transforming experience¨.

¨The whole experience wildly exceeded my expectations¨.

“Our coach guided us in an absorbing way throughout the various activities and showed us how to break the bounds that had confined us in our professional lives hitherto¨.

“It was an emotion-packed experience¨.


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